Thursday, November 13, 2014

Many Merry Stars Wreath

I'm in love with these sweet little (well some are not so little) star boxes and looking for as many ways as possible to use them!  Wreaths are one of my favorite home decor items because they set the stage for your home.  They are the first thing someone sees when they ring your door bell and chances are they are going to be looking at it for a few minutes before you get to the door, so make it good!  You never know, you might get a new crafting friend from it!  

I was determined to use things I had on hand for this wreath.  I found a 12" foam form wreath and 30 feet of 6" wide dark red sheer ribbon.  So that's where it started!  I wrapped all the ribbon around the wreath form and pinned it in place.  Then I took our Gold Sequin Trim around it for some added bling.  Then just pick some stars!  You could totally cover the entire wreath form with stars if you wanted, but I only wanted to use three for this project because I have lots more ways to show you how to use them!  

Decorate up those little beauties and hot glue them to your wreath.  This one is actually hot glued to the two star boxes below it to create a layered effect.

Now technically speaking, this wreath will not work on my front door because it's too wide to get the door closed, however there is a solution!  You could just use it as an indoor decoration (which is what I plan to do) or you could use a different wreath base.  Using a metal frame wreath would work great because they are typically have less depth than the foam wreaths.  You could even cut out a wreath shape from a strong piece of chip board and cover it with your ribbon or even burlap! 

Want the kit?!  Click the image below to order!

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