Saturday, August 23, 2014

Small Business LOVE

I wanted to share something very close to my heart.  It's not a card, a Project Life page or even a decor's my family.  My children are my heart.  Abby is our oldest at 5.  Two days ago she started Kindergarten.  My baby got on a school bus and went to heart is so full of joy but so heavy at the thought that my children are growing up on me.  Of course I cried after she left, in case you were wondering : )  The reward was seeing her sweet little face as she exited the bus at the end of her school day and hearing the words "I had a GREAT day!"  

My 3 year old twin boys, Brayden and Chase, start preschool on Tuesday.  So I get to go through it all over again.  Although, I know they are super excited to start and it's only 1/2 day, it still rings home that they too are growing up.  

The reason I'm sharing my last few days with you is for a very important reason.  I love my children like any good mom does, and of course I want to provide for them every way that I can.  I love Stampin' Up! and my role as an Independent Demonstrator.  It gives me purpose outside of my "mommy' box but it also helps me support them.  Mommy Stamper is a small business.  As a business I use my income to support important things in my life.  My children are those important things.  Pre-school is expensive, especially for twins, back to school supplies, new clothes, new shoes, swimming lessons...they are all part of raising children.  As a stay at home mom I like to contribute as much as I can to our family, and my small business helps me do that.  Small businesses like mine need your support to keep going.  Although I am  a Target lover, I try to support our local businesses as much as possible.  I support our local farmers, local small business owners and other direct selling companies because I understand the importance of small business in our communities.  So before you walk in that AcMoore, Michaels or the like to drop a wad of cash, please consider supporting my small business and get not only superior quality products, but superior quality customer service.  The big box stores can't say that...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my loyal customers who help me continue this journey while supporting my young family, you truly are a blessing in my life!

My children thank you!

Here is a link to my ONLINE STORE if you would like to browse the products we have to offer!

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