Friday, May 23, 2014

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Life is an that's an understatement in our home lately.  One of our twins, Chase, has all sorts of allergy issues.  Typically we are on high alert for food related issues, but lately we have been on pollen patrol!  The poor kid is covered in itchies and all kinds of miserable.  On a positive note he is finally getting better with a dose of prednisone, but I have to remind myself daily that life is an adventure worth living!

This card is created with another Project Life Accessory Pack.  So simple to put together!  Project Life isn't just for memory keeping in the picture form, it can be a card that reminds you of a time in your life as well.  Plus the best part is it would fit in a pocket in your Project Life System!  

So pull out those PL cards and awesome accessory packs, make a card for a friend in need and send it out!
Created in a New York minute but will provide a lifetime of memories!

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